Problems in Seuss-Land

I'd just like to thank you for making this blog. My dad loves it, too. He's always liked Dr. Seuss so this really gives him a laugh.

You’re most welcome my friend!
We do our best!
when I was a kid,
I watched all the Dr.Suess animated books on VHS!
I’m a really big fan of it as well, I owned all of his books and pretty much grew up on it since I didn’t have cable TV until 1999
When the Lorax came out I rewatched the original 1972 version and  had a Dr.Seuss night with Mod S and we started coming up with all of these problems they had
also I’m not as good as Mod S at rhyming 

-Mod C

Mod S rules Mod C drools

-Mod S

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Greatest Tumblr Ever.

We thank you kindly for your words of praise
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-Mod. C

arguably the greatest thing i've seen on tumblr.

We tip our hats and whisper a thanks

Turns out not much really rhymes with thanks

-Mod. S